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The 2016 Cut Paper Art Calendar • Pre-Order now

The 2016 Cut Paper Art Calendar • Pre-Order now

There are things which excite me about being an artist.  Dreaming up new concepts.  Translating these into sketches and drawings, whether brilliant or downright awful.  Talking to art lovers and fumbling through attempts at organizing the pictures in my brain into words that actually hold meaning to others.

Inventory, and the taking of it, is not on my list of enthralling tasks.  It is, however, both necessary and how I whiled away yesterday afternoon.  

You see, the 2016 Cut Paper Art Calendar Kickstarter campaign has lurched to a close, and it is now time to start shipping the postcards, prints, laser cuts and calendars out to the very cool folks who supported me.  In order to do that, I need boxes and envelopes and labels and… tape?  And stuff.  So, while the actual counting of plastic bags and pieces of cardboard is slow and dusty work, sharing my work with the world is a pretty exciting destination.

The 2016 Cut Paper Art Calendar is now available for pre-order on my shop page.  The proofs look great, and my printer is, at this very moment, laying ink to paper.  I think this has the potential to be the best looking calendar yet.  Calendar shipping will begin right as soon as the Kickstarter backers packages are all shipped out - probably around the start of December.

If spending your year in the company of papery art sounds like heaven to you, click away.

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