The 2016 Cut Paper Art Calendar Campaign – No More Monkeying Around

The 2016 Cut Paper Art Calendar on Kickstarter

Running from Now until October 10, 2014

Celebrating the Year of the Monkey with 366 days of breathtaking art, stunning paper, & fuel for the imagination

Autumn has arrived - although a person would be forgiven for not realizing it here in Fukuoka.  The weather has cooled off a touch from the blast furnace of summer, but there aren't any other obvious signs of Fall.  No crisp evening air, no turning of the colors of leaves, no glistening frost in the early morning sun.

There is, in fact, only one clear signal that 2015 is beginning to wane:  The 2016 Cut Paper Art Calendar has swung to life on Kickstarter!

Last year, the backers were, once again, very kind to us.  Thanks to them we were able to not only print the 2015 Calendar, but also the Year of the Ram Laser Cut, and our first ever T-shirt.  Without their (and your) help, none of that would have been possible.

I'm hoping that you will come with us on our little journey once again, and support us as we make some big changes to the 2016 Calendar.  There's lots of new art, and a new cover.  There's some great rewards and awesome stretch goals.  We're asking backers to vote for art on a couple of the calendar pages too.

Above, you can see the goofy video I made, which I'm just a teensy bit proud of.  We got seriously lucky earlier this year while taking a nice day trip to Nagasaki-prefecture's Ikinoshima island.  We stumbled upon a shrine that was populated by legions of stone monkeys - many of whom were adamant to not see, hear, or speak of vile things.  There were also a couple monkeys, which I blush to show here, that were less shy.  Fertility shrine monkeys, apparently.

The 2016 Cut Paper Art Calendar Cover Art

The 2016 Cut Paper Art Calendar Cover Art

How It Works

The basic goal is $2300 USD (Reached!). That amount will cover the cost of printing 100 calendars, shipping materials and postage. I’d love to print more, but that will depend on how many calendars get snapped up. The deadline is October 10, 2014. The Kickstarter system is pretty straightforward:

You CHECK out the Project and lust after the art. You PLEDGE money – however much you choose. You pick a REWARD. Then you WAIT. The project has already reached it’s GOAL, so your credit card or Paypal account will be charged the amount you pledged after the campaign ends. I’ll CONTACT you for your contact info., your choice of rewards (where applicable), etc. Then I’ll SHIP out the reward(s) you chose. Finally, ENJOY.

Stretch Goals

Now that we've passed our goal, more pledges will allow us to reprint rewards and knock out a bigger print run of calendars.  PLUS we've got some very cool ideas to make this project even more fun!

  • Reached! Postcard Pack 5 - It's been a few years since we've produced new postcards. I'm happy to say we will introduce 5 new cards this year!

  • $4000 - We'll reprint whichever postcards are running low (there's a popular jungle cat who has been disappearing into the underbrush, for example).

  • $5000 - The Year of the Monkey limited edition Laser Cut Print (I'm designing it right now!).