Revisitation • Gravity and the Rebellious Stone • open-edition giclée print

⊛  Gravity and the Rebellious Stone   ⊛  open-edition giclée print

⊛  Gravity and the Rebellious Stone  
⊛  open-edition giclée print


The face of stone is placid, but not passionless.  

That geologic-scale patience masks the grandest of dreams and desires.  The desire to break the bonds that anchor us in place; to shrug off the shackles of uncertainty and fear.  

Patience gives way to action, passivity to flight.

I'm a fan of gravity.  This might come as a surprise to some people, who think that I'm opposed to all constants in the universe.  Sure, I'm not down with time and I reckon its more or less a figment of our imagination.  Distance and space can seem fairly fickle at times, folding in on themselves or expanding when it suits them.  Even the presence of common objects in this world cannot be taken for granted - you must have noticed that the existence of drink vending machines is indirectly proportional to your thirstiness.  The scarcity of ATMs directly linked to the emptiness of your wallet. 

Gravity, though, is generally a constant friend and ally.  Being securely anchored to the surface of the planet has certain advantages.  Imagine leaping to catch a frisbee, hurtling right on by, and spinning off into the void of space.  Picnics would be regarded with horror.

Like the laws of man however, nature's laws can be draconian in their aloofness.

Want to dunk a basketball?  Float among the clouds?  Not watch your phone shatter on the concrete as it tumbles out of your pocket?  

Gravity doesn't care.

So, it falls to us to struggle against the clinging embrace of natural law, in order to witness our dreams and desires taking flight.  Just so long as we don't lose all anchor to the world.

The Gravity and the Rebellious Stone open-edition giclée print is, once again, available in the shop. A chronicle of a brave, if somewhat fossilized soul, who dares to dream un-rocklike dreams.  

One by one, the prints are popping back up.  Or, if you prefer, the chance to grab a set will (hopefully / finally) come back to the shop over the next few weeks.