Revisitation • Koi Kihagaki • open edition giclée print

⊛ Koi Kihagaki  ⊛ open edition giclée print

⊛ Koi Kihagaki
⊛ open edition giclée print

Wanderlust infects us all; our eager limbs impel us to meander and explore the wide, weird world.

Dry land can be a perilous place when you have gills.  One species' lovely day is another's arid desert.  It's important to travel prepared with your own reservoir of moisture and rejuvenation.  

Don't forget your umbrella.

Koi Kihagaki, the first open-edition print I offered, is back in the shop.  More prints will be joining it soon.  Many, many more.  Including a small herd which have never been offered through this site.

Maybe more exciting for me has been the opportunity to re-visit why I made these pieces in the first place.  I've been having a ton of fun writing little, tantalizing descriptions about each piece, trying to hint at the concept without slamming the reader around the head and ears with it.

Sometimes I feel like I've gotten overly serious with my work.  The more complicated a piece gets and the longer each new piece takes to make, the more necessary it gets for each one to feel successful.  I've been putting a lot of effort into connecting with that sense of fun I had when I first started experimenting with paper - and not just in the drawing, but in talking and writing about the art too.

Oh, I plan on bringing back the option to buy sets of prints as well.  Ages ago, I offered sets of your choice of any three or any five.  If I can figure out the tech stuff, I'll be adding those soon.